marți, 30 august 2016

West London Agency that I used to work for

A couple of years ago I have worked for a West London Escort Agency in a callcenter - and I can really tell everyone that the experience was very interesting.

As I am a male and my voice is preatty neat, I was talking all days with womens that were searching for a male to book as an escort - so this is not about the female escorts as you would think, as it is about men escorting services and in fact about services for women.

At first I did not knew what to think, as there were really a whole lot of womens that were searching for men services, in fact a lot more than I would thaught that is possible, and they were very carefullwith everything that they were asking - also they wanted to clarify a lot of things on the phone and this is why I was staying a lot with them, answering all the necessary things and even the most funny of weird questions.

But what was very surprising was that some women tried to book me, due to the fact that they loved my voice, but of course, I had to let them down.

After a while I decided to leave that company, but once in a while I still remember my adventures at London red Light, and teh funny questions, or the frightened voices that were calling for the first time to book themselves a men.

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